Weekly Game Jam Feelings: Do you want to date a dinosaur?

This week's game is really short. I wish it were longer, but this week is pretty busy, unfortunately.  Anyway, here's how I made/got the assets.

I'm no artist, so I went ahead and used CC0 assets for this project. I always use CC0 whenever possible because I'm afraid of accidentally doing a typo and spelling someone's name wrong when attributing them. 

For this project, I found a CC0 model of a dinosaur on Blend Swap, and posed it in various ways. I rendered it, and then traced over it and added a school uniform. For the background, I did the same thing, getting a CC0 model of a classroom, except this time I didn't trace over it. The music wasn't CC0 but crediting is copy-paste so my fear of typos wasn't awakened. Music was from Kevin Macleod; he makes lots of nice music.

I was busy this weekend, so I couldn't do as much game dev as I would've wanted. I originally planned to do an actual dating sim with stats and everything, where you had to balance academics, stress, and going on dates. I realized that I had done something similar before in my game Schedule Balance, so I thought I should try something different this time. I thought of writing a visual novel.

Problem is, I'm no writer.

I initially planned at least seven endings, but I had no idea what they were. Seven just seemed like a nice number. Eventually, I decided on three endings. Good, bad, and normal. 

Writing is harder than I thought. 

In the future, I plan to make more visual novels to improve at writing.

That's all for now!


WGJDinosaur-1.0-pc.zip 36 MB
Apr 23, 2018

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