I finally learned what "getting in the zone" means

I finally learned what "getting in the zone" means, because I stayed up all night (unintentionally) making this. I didn't even notice the sun rising outside.

This game is inspired by Doodle Jump and other jumpy games. Instead of a platform that self-destructs after being jumped on a set number of times, what about having a platform that slowly destroys itself for as long as you're touching it? I think that'll encourage the player to move quickly... I guess.

I enjoyed this jam. This is also the first jam where I'm sharing my code! To be honest, I'm a bit embarrassed. My coding style is probably weird and not the standard way to do things... probably. I'm just worried people would think my code is bad. It works, though. I like the fact that it works.

Anyway, getting "in the zone" is really cool! It's wonderful being this motivated! I have a little bit of a headache now, though. I should sleep.


MeltingJumping_Windows.zip 17 MB
Jun 16, 2018
MeltingJumping_Linux.zip 17 MB
Jun 16, 2018
MeltingJumping_Mac.zip 31 MB
Jun 16, 2018

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