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This was such a delight! This brought me back to the good ol' Dr. Suess days and each rhyming line brought a smile to my face. Great voice work and great job overall. 

I was able to get endings 2,3,4. I'm assuming 1 must have been something with not coming to the beach in the first place.

Yep, ending 1 is just our main character moping around her room and not heading to the beach.

Thanks for playing! Making the rhymes was the hardest part so I'm super glad you liked it! :) 

A really nice game! I played and got Ending 2 (which was a shock) and then Ending 4 which I was almost certain would be like Ending 2, but had a more surprising twist! I really like the voice acting, good job! ^-^


Thank you for playing! It's my first time voice acting and adding voices to one of my games, so I'm really glad you liked it! :)

This game got dark... ending 2

Thanks for playing! :)