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Thanks for the game.  Short, simple.  Reminds me of a lot of old games I played.

Although, I did find myself simply clicking through without reading anything, knowing that a screen or two had changed, and that I just need to find the right order to click things in.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed, but it is also too easy to just click through and not care.

No worries, I totally get what you mean! My writing skills are still a bit lacking, and I'm working on that. I guess I should add a lot more challenge and complexity the next time I make a game like this (I still suck at making puzzles), so that it's more exciting to read through and so that the order of clicking isn't so apparent. Anyway, thanks for playing!

Ahh! I got stuck at: 


"You can heat up the screwdriver to melt the plastic stopper on the window! How would you be able to do that?"

Oops, forgot to put a link to go back to the main room. :O I'll do do that now.

Nice game!! I really liked that story and it was fun to find the way to go through window!!!