A downloadable game for Windows

Created for https://itch.io/jam/weekly-game-jam-40. Theme: "Small World"

Plant, water, and harvest flowers! For a whole month, this tiny island is your world. In the town of Planto, when children come of age, they are taken to a small island and given a challenge. Your challenge is to harvest a hundred orange flowers in a month! Battle boredom and laziness and prove to the village that you have grown!

AuthorFrances Calceta
GenreRole Playing
Made withGodot
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Unzip. Run.


All Alone on a Small Island.zip 10 MB

Development log


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Me and you should talk some, I am a coder looking for new coding friends. No this is not a scam -_-. Lol. But I like to write in Javascript, Lua, C++, C#, and other fun languages. Please contact me at halestorm512@gmail.com :P

--Very fun game btw!!

plz mac port.


I enjoyed this short game! I think you tied the theme of boredom very well with the actual gameplay! (I hope doesn't come off the wrong way!) There are some improvements that could be made. For example, the way the character slides after moving could be improved to just get them to stop immeditely after the player's input ends. Also, some more messages about the character's emotions and thoughts would be nice, as I ran into a few repeats. These are just small things that I noticed, but you made a cute game regardless! I made a video with my experiences and I hope you continue making great games!



Thanks for playing! 

Also, yay, I'm glad you got the message I was trying to convey! The island challenge is supposed to prepare the character for grown-up life which is filled with loneliness and tedious tasks. On top of that, there's the fact that despite doing those tedious tasks like he's supposed to, sometimes all he gets to harvest is blue flowers (disappointment) and he has to accept that in order to be able to make room for orange flowers (growth). :D

Sorry for the slippery character, this was my first time trying to implement walking in a game and I guess I got used to the slipperiness after testing it so much. When I make an actual non-game jam farming simulator one day, I'll keep that in mind. 

Played the game and really enjoyed it however tbh i didnt have a clue what i was doing hahaha

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Thanks for playing! The way to win the game is to water and harvest all the flowers, both orange and blue.  There isn't a pattern, just a 50% chance of the flower being blue.  (And yeah, I should've added a short tutorial at the start, haha.)

hahaha god damn i hope you didnt watch me fail miserably trying to work out the game then

Hi. I adore this game. It really touched me, and I expect I'll be thinking about it for a long while. Thanks for making and sharing this.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the game!

I loved the game! I just kind of randomly found it from the front page, but I played it all the way through and succeeded. Not sure if my  strategy actually helped, but I only watered orange flowers until I had no choice but to water harvest the blue. The music was really nice and I overall really liked it :) 


Thank you! I'm glad you played it till the end. :D