It's a simple game for a game jam. It's about how I've been.

GenreVisual Novel
Made withBitsy


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this is very cute and made me smile :)

This is a really lovely game, well done =). And, one question: How do you make music on bitsy?

Very nice, I liked it!

Thanks <3

I love how the emotions and insights build on everything you encounter. Well done!

Thank you! :)

The music, is great, and the story!

Thanks :)

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i loved this! though, im too cynical, and kept expect a monster to crawl out. But with all your artsy hobbies sewing/baking you must be an AWESOME friend to have.  

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you think my hobbies are nice! :) I have too many hobbies, haha

no you don't! you have the right amount! (i too have several so shhh were fine were fine)

Nice little honest game that feels lighthearted.

Thank you :)