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You have this reoccurring... nightmare? Dream? 

Whatever it is, in this...experience, you're stuck in this empty mall where stores meld into each other, and where salesladies make eye contact non-stop. 

The sound of the mall's music echoes from old speakers up above. The gray mall walls turn in sharp corners, and all you want to do is get to a restroom...

You've had this dream before. In every dream, you really, really need to pee.

And based on past experience, you know for certain... if you pee in the dream mall, you pee in real life.

This game was Made for Dungeon Crawler Jam 2021 in one week.

  •  Arrow Keys to Move 
  •  Spacebar to Select

17 April Update:
  • Less laggy, better framerate
  • Rebalanced game: Salesladies less persistent, they have lower "health"


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PostJam_Windows_Dungeon Crawler Jam 2021.zip 74 MB
post-jam_linux.zip 74 MB


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Congrats on best originality in the jam :) Really fun concept. Well done.

Thanks! :)

Nice one

Funny little game! here is my video on it please consider incorporating it into your listing I have already linked your game in the description in return! Thank you!


I set your video as the gameplay video of the game page!

I'll keep it there until I update the game (since it'll probably look much different once I make a post-jam version).

Thanks for playing and for making a video!

No problem! Thank you as well :)